How to have each project have it own number of slides?

Does anyone know how to have each project have it’s own number of slides? It seems we are limited by the CMS to each project will have to have same number, or an extra blank slide will appear.

What is the custom coding to change this, or is there a clever way to fix this?

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You can use conditional visibility to hide any empty slides

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How do you do conditional visibility?

This should help.

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Hi Matthew, does it now work without having an additional blank slide when populating slides with CMS content and using conditional visibility based on whether an image field in the collection is set or not?

Hey @Sam_Sharpe there’s no built-in way to do this right now.

You can vote for that feature. CMS Gallery | Webflow Wishlist

Conditions can be used to hide things inside of slides such as images or a wrapping div. If you’d like to share your read-only link, I can take a look.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the reply, I’ve run out of votes but it would be useful!
Cheers, Sam

@Sam_Sharpe, I was able to fix the additional blank slides. See the bottom solution from me.