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How to have different hero images on different page


I’m a webflow novice and i’m trying to create a site with different hero images on each page but i’m having a bit of trouble.
Every time I duplicate a page and try and change the hero it will change the image on the other page.

Please help

Hey @Ashleygraphics17

Can you give us the Share Link? Then I can take a look :slight_smile:

It’s probably because you haven’t defined a new “Class Name” on the new page, as when you copy an element the styles are copied also.


here you go

@Aaron 's answer is correct. For your other pages, you would have two choices. Duplicate your class and then change the image or create a combo class for the other pages. I usually go combo class for hero sections if the layout is identical.

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Thanks a lot that helped :+1:

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