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How to give custom styling to different elements in a collection list

Hi guys,

Is it possible to give custom styling to certain elements in a collection list? So, let’s say I have an overview of 3 news items and I want to give each of them a different colour. So no matter what the content is, the first item in the overview always needs to be for instance green, second one orange, and the third one yellow.

To give you a little bit more context.
Here is the design I want to build:

Read-only link to project:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Semih

I am not sure if you can give different classes to each collection item within a single collection list, but for your case, you can add a “COLOR” field under the Collection Settings in the CMS menu, and then you can assign the desired colors to each collection item in the CMS menu.

After that, you can choose those triangle areas and set them to get their background color dynamically from the color field of the Collection.