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How to get the column to grow when the screen gets smaller?


I have these columns with text and icons in it. The problem is, when I make the screen smaller, the text is overlapping the boundaries of the column.

How it is normally:

When the screen gets smaller:

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

hi @Mourik your problem is that you have set static height: 240px to your Kaart_Algemene-Instellingen . When you reset height to auto your card will expand with text. You can consider to use CSS Grid for this design instead usingtext columns but it is just recommendation.

Hi Stan,

Your solution was the beginning of the solution. It was not enough though, the columns with little text were now shrinking and made it inconsistent with the rest. So you have to give it a min H.
But it worked out! Thank you

hi @Mourik if you do not have further question to this topic feel free to close your request as solved.

have a great day :wink: