How to get multiple vertical flex childs in a row

Hi Guys,

i am trying to arrange kind of a flexible row with the help of the flexbox feature. The result i would like to have should be something like this:

How can i get this kind of grid with flexbox. I tried to have multiple vertical flex child i a row, but it didnt really work out and still looked too arranged if you know what i mean. My goal is to reach this kind of offset like in the example above.

Hope you guys see what i mean and can help me out.
Thank you in advance

Here is my link:

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Hi Guys,

i am still trying to get this done but didnt have any success so far. The only workaround for me was to have one big image created in photosho as a background layer for thsi partifcular section. Doesnt seem like the way of an webflow gentleman. :wink:

Do you have any tipps on how to achieve this kind of offset? I alread tried to align the top of the images but somehow it didnt get me where i want to go (see example in post above)

Hope someone has a better idea?!

Okay i solved it myself. It was very easy and i was making it way too complicated. :wink: These Posts can be marked solved. Anyone who is interested just have a look into the project link.

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