How to fix “Ensure text remains visible during webfont load” issue?

I uploaded the Lato Google font locally and changed all the fonts in Webflow Designer. When I test our page in Page Speed Insights, the tool still tells me that I need to use font-display to Google Fonts even though I’m not using one anymore:

I checked our CSS file but can’t see and other web fonts.

Our website is
Our public share link is Webflow - SERPHEAD

Can you help me fix this?

It seems like you have 367 unused classes. Some of those classes still contain “Font-family: Lato”. Classes like: Nav Link, serphhead_smallheading, Text Block 4… Just to name a few.
I recommend cleaning up the unused classes and see if the issue persists.

More info on how to Remove Google Fonts in this article.

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Hey @jeffbarroga, discover a comprehensive fix for your issue right here:

Thanks for looking into this nicolasr :slight_smile: The Google Font did come from the classes. It was gone when I clicked the cleanup button.