How to embed code into CMS

Dear @MackenzieChild,

Good evening we hope you are well.
We have bought your template Telly and we love it! excellent layout.

We are trying to embed a plugin from elfsight which displays youtube channel videos. The issue is that the code stays the same when you change CMS pages and we would like to have a different embedded code to display different playlists.

Can this be done ?

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Hey Stelios :wave:

Thanks so much for picking up Telly! So glad you like it :slight_smile:

I’m curious, why are you using a plugin instead of the CMS setup that you get with Telly?

Can you share examples of the embed code for the various playlists? Normally you would put the embed code in a custom code block, then use the CMS to change the ID inside the embed.

Here’s an example of how you would do it with a SoundCloud embed that you could apply to your embed.

Hi @MackenzieChild,

The template is great. I am using the CMS to create all the necessary CMS pages. What i am trying to do is display a different youtube playlist in every page. For example: I would like to display different Youtube playlists for Chess Tournaments, one being Junior Chess and the other Senior Chess. These are being displayed at their own pages respectively. How can i have a different embedded code on a different CMS pages?

I hope i explained it well enough.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Ok, so you can either add the embed code to the CMS template using an embed component and create a plain text field in your CMS Collection for each unique identifier to swap out in the component (Like in this example)…

Or you could set up a rich text block in your CMS collection, and you’re able to add custom code directly inside the rich text. So you could add the entire embed code for each collection item using a rich text block.

Hi Mackenzie,

All sorted thanks a lot for your help and support.
Where can we see other templates you are currently selling ?

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Ok great!

Currently Telly is my only template, but I’ll be making more :slight_smile:

You can checkout my personal website, and also my other project called Flowmingo will show them all there soon as well.

Hi @MackenzieChild nice its pretty cool.

Quick question. I am trying to adjust the mobile view and looks like the entire site has a lot of space left and right and you can move the page around please see link below. Any suggestion ?

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It’s the lower sections. They have a fixed width when they should instead be % based on mobile to make them responsive.

2020-06-07 21_57_47-Webflow - Sport Gibraltar TV

Great thanks a lot. Apologies for such a basic question im new to webflow :slight_smile:

hi @MackenzieChild,

I hope you are well.
I have one last issue to solve out before the website goes live. For some reason on the mobile, the menu doesnt appear completely when you scroll down and we cannot see all the categories.

Many thanks for your help and support.