How to effect a fixed div's element when scrolled to another section?

I am planning to design a vertical dot Nav-bar and I would like the dots to change its properties when they are on their specified sections. Something like this:
(note: I cannot access its pages nor look into the settings.)

Any tips?

Hi @mnmustafa

This site is “sandbox” and made exactly for collect and show different effects and tricks.

  1. go to @vincent account (guy who created this site)

  2. clone site to your account or open it in “preview mode” (read only link) for see how it is made :smiley:


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Looks funny that I am answering my own question here. I just figured it out by watching this video: (watch it from 31:00) and the answer to this is: current state.

I hope it helps.

Great, it worked! Thanks! :smiley:

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