How to Draw half circle

how to draw this ??

Hey @Chetan,

Could you please give a bit more context with what you are trying to do exactly?

I could answer your question… but my answer could be very different from what you are looking for, as the question stands.

this is what i need to draw


Thanks for elaborating!

You will probably need a graphic design software in order to draw it. (There’s a lot out there.)

Webflow doesn’t draw (or do illustration).

However, once you have the graphic design aspect done, you can put it into Webflow and use interactions to make it interactive :slight_smile:

This should be possible via CSS by using borders and radius, plus z-index… but I guess just drawing in a graphic editor would take less time.

Something like this?

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Apparently, I am not a Jedi. Nice work, @aaronocampo!

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