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How to detect webflow template?

How to detect which template is using in this site.

I love this template but i don’t know where i can see this and download or purchase. would you like to help me.



I looked at the code and it doesn’t reference a template. It might be custom built.


why not just create a similar design and flavor it to your own liking ?

That particular design is not difficult to create.

really can i build this free or i hae to purchase any membership

I have a paid plan… and I’m not entirely certain what features are available via the free plan.

I have my own servers… so I export and self-host everything.

Here’s Webflow’s pricing page (which includes a free plan):

The plan I purchased is here:

If you prefer not to subscribe to a plan… you could always hire someone
(who has a plan with Export capabilities)

  • to build the product for you.

But then of course… you need hosting.

In reviewing the code… the design does make use of the Webflow CMS…

  • so that would be an added cost… if you decided to use the CMS.

Or you can develop the site without the CMS.