How to delete a column inside column without deleting original column

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Hi all,

I have a column B (which I want to delete), inside column A. I’d like to delete column B but when I try that, column A gets deleted. I tried putting column B inside a div box, but webflow won’t seem to let me do that.

Any suggestions?

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Since the column element is only going to have a single “column”, then you won’t need it to be a columns element—just change this to a div element instead. You can always apply any styles to the div by adding the same class used to style your column, which in this case appears to be some padding on the left side.

As a side note, the columns element is all but depreciated so unless you’re absolutely needing to support IE, I’d suggest looking into flexbox or grid instead as it will give you more control and flexibility.

Thanks :slight_smile: