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How to customize Webflow's lightbox widget's fullscreen popup display?

Hi, I have been fiddling with webflow’s lightbox widget for a couple of days now and has used it to create my gallery but was hoping to customize the popup fullscreen display of the feature according to my site needs. For example, descriptions, links, user interact able …etc. Like a popup page. Is there a way to work that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Here is special tutorial for creating custom lightbox

Hope it will help :blush:

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:smile: Thank you sabanna for the reply back.
Yes, I have encountered this article while searching today, but I was wondering if there was a way to use the lightbox widget provided by webflow and be able to edit it’s fullscreen image/video gallery and place text in it other than changing the caption only. (eg. adding tooltips, buttons, links …etc.) Similar to a iframe. Would anyone know the possibility of this and how or is webflow currently implementing the feature at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how it is possible without using custom code.

Oh it’s possible to do so with custom code? Do you know which class I might need to edit for the lightbox?

Thanks again Sabanna! :smiley:

Ok. Here is how lightbox’s code looks like

All classes before script part you can change inside the Webflow. All that goes after - only through custom code

I have been “playing” with w-lightbox-img and w-lightbox-view classes for make picture inside the lightbox looks bigger.

I do not have very big experience with changing generic Webflow lightbox widget, sorry. For some situations it is really easier to recreate lightbox “from scratch”.

Great. Thank you. I think I could work something out from the code.

Right, I was considering recreating a lightbox from scratch myself but the part where it links with other lightboxes might be a bit too advance for me now. That’s why I wanted to use webflow’s widget with the linking feature. I’ll see what I could do.

Thanks again for the help.

Would you know if webflow would make the lightbox popup editable?

They will announce if there is any updates or changes coming :slight_smile:
And you can leave your wish here >>>
so they will know about customer needs (they are pretty serious about that)


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