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How to create more than 6 columns

How I can create row with 20 columns?

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Hi, well you could either create columns within columns (nested columns). Like so:

Or if you wanted exact 20 columns, you could also insert 20 divs to a 100% width container with display set to inline block and float left and set the width of each box to be 5% width.

Lastly, if you are not looking for responsive data layout, you could also embed a table into your site using html code and the Embed widget.

Those are some methods you could try… hope that helps… There may be others with some other equally good or better solutions :smile:

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I am also curious about this. I need to make a 10 column layout and still have it responsive.

Is this possible and how?

Jaime G.

@JaimeGizzle Basically you only need 10 divs that you put in a section or container, you set their width equally in %, set them float left and inline block. Here you can find 5 columns example:

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