How to create Infinite marquee?

Hi everyone,

I have been eager to add an infinite slide testimonial section to my site like this one.

On my current site however however, the testimonials are static and not sliding. I checked the custom JS on the < head> and < body> in addition to the name of the containers - those are all identical. I am therefore confused as to why its not working. Perhaps you know the answer - would love to hear!

Hi @DKDK01 here is what you looking for

@Stan this is amazing thank you so much for sharing. I tried to adjust it for some testimonials but I did notice that once it reloops, the wrapping is changed and the layout messes up. Any idea what causes that?

hi @DKDK01 your issue is related to different HTML structure in your first element. The simples fix is to delete this first element and copy/paste one that works. I have tested and it worked for me. It is hard for me to say why it does what it does as description β€œI have change a few things and I broke it” is not much descriptive. :wink:

Hope this will solve your issue.

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