How to create conversion event on Google Analytics

Has anyone used google analytics and tag manager in order to track clicks? I’d like to track clicks on a specific button linked to a custom-embed to be tracked as conversion on google analytics, but I’m a little lost on how to instrument this in GA/tag-manager (given most of their pre-built options are set up to record clicks generically).

My goal is to have events not only matching certain page clicks, but also what actions taken on that page.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Tag Manager make this pretty easy, and GA4 simplifies conversion tracking as well. I’m not clear on what you mean by “button linked to a custom-embed”, but in general, as long as your button has a unique class, or ID, Tag Manager can detect click events on it.

Use GTM’s built-in testing tools to see the events that are getting fired while you browse your site. You’ll be able to see those click events, and whether you’re triggering any tags as well.

A not on GA4 and conversions- there is a reference page somewhere in the GA4 docs that lists the types of conversions and metadata that are recognized. It will help to know those, so that you can feed the right data from GTM to GA4, and make your GA4 conversion reports look useful. Examples of this include conversion values, sale amounts, etc.