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How to create breadcrumbs without having to make a class for each individual link?

Hello everyone, I am working on creating a breadcrumb trail on my every pages’ header image. However I am running into a slight problem. For example: I have a page called MY BABY, and off of that page I have 9 sub pages all with the same header image so I ended up just using that header image as a “symbol” to be able to just add it to each of the pages easier. However, when creating a breadcrumb trail on these header images, it seems as if I am going to have to create a new class for each individual link on each page. Is there a way to get around this at all? I am also having an issue with my navbar, for instance I havent touched it at all today but when I hovered over MY BABY, my top 2 sub menu items are gone for some weird reason. What causes this, and how do I get them back? Here is my link:

For example about the breadcrumb issue, when I change the text of the breadcrumb link, it changes on each and every page and not just the page im working on.

Hey @gschultz
First, you don’t need a new class for each link. The text is changing simply because it’s inside a symbol.
Second, why didn’t you use dynamic collections for these pages? You have the same template for each page, no need for symbols with dynamic templates. and the breadcrumb is super easy and updates on it’s own per page.

Darn :frowning: I dont know how to use dynamic collections and don’t really have time to back track and redo it either as I am on a tight deadline. But is there an easier way to add the breadcrumbs without having to create a class for each individual one so that it only updates on the page im working on and not on the others?

Simply break the symbol links and edit the text.

but if i break the symbol, wont it screw up the styling on each pages’ header image?

It won’t unless you need to change the header. Than you will need to update each and every header again

no, the way it all sits right now, the header images are in the perfect spots i need them. so how do you break the symbols? I see there is options to edit the names of them and edit the symbol itself but how do you break it?

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awesome! Thanks @Anna_Kelian

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Welcome. Good luck.
Keep in mind, Dynamic templates are super cool with these kinds of pages :wink:


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