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How to create a second dropdown list inside a dropdown list?

This is what I want to do :
This Sample website has 3 Levels of their Dropdown list, and I only can create 2 levels with the original Dropdown function.

1、First level:

2、Second Level:

3、Third Level:

The Sample Link: The Sample I want to achieve.

And this is what I do: My website

The problem page is at : Developer Welcome >> Documentation

I want create like this is because I need to create a Documentation to let our users can be guided to find what they want to know, and there will be a lot of items, it will use dynamic template.
So This is the best solution that I can imagine.

Please Tell me How to Achieve like this?

And if you know other better ideas, please tell me that we can discuss about this issue~

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I want to do the same thing, lets hope someone responds.

The only trick is to set the (sub) “List” element’s Position to “Relative” when opened. Please see below:



Hope that helps…

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