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How to create 3D carousel ? (Rework

Hi guys!

We are building the website for our own Start-up. We have foreseen right after our Hero-Section a place to show a “Image Carousel” of 4 screenshots of our app.

Our inspiration is the homepage of After their hero image, they have put a very nice way of showing their screenshots.

Question: How can did they do this? They seem to do 2 things:

  • Screenshot #1 starts in focus, whereas Screenshot #2, Screenshot#3 and Screenshot 4 are blurred out, and stacked behind. >> OK! I can manage that.
  • They have a automatic timed animation that spins the screenshots. >> OK: I have setup a timed trigger on page load.
  • Now: they also move screenshot #2 (which was first behind screenshot 2), to be in front of screenshot #1. >> Not sure how they do that.

I tried putting the two same screenshots on the same z-index, and that play with 3D transformation and depth, but this doesn’t change stacking order.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - ClimateCamp

Here is live website:

Screenshot from Sketch Website:

Hi @Stijn_in_space it is basic 3D carousel just search for more info on net. Beside articles and libraries you may find some examples on CodePen.

etc. etc. :wink:

Thanks. How would you this in webflow?

It seems to use radio buttons as sliders ?

I have found a solution.
This works only when you add custom css at parent level. No custom javascript or anything… :slight_smile:


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