How to change Webflow Animation Properties with JS

After a couple of years needing this feature but never having the time to decrypt and fully understand webflow.js, I was finally able to get some time in a project to dig deep into Webflow.js and understand how someone can change the values of specific parts of a Webflow animation based on any kind of runtime variable, such as window.innerWidth for example

Here’s the Code + Explanation on how to do it:

// Helper function to deep clone an object and keeping it immutable
import cloneDeep from 'lodash.clonedeep';

// Util function to find specific animation actions based on the animation's name
const findAnimation = (animationName: string, ixData: Record<string, any>) => {
    const key = Object.keys(ixData.actionLists).find(k => ixData.actionLists[k].title === animationName);
    return key ? ixData.actionLists[key] : undefined;

window.Webflow.push(() => {
  const { store, actions } = window.Webflow.require('ix2');

  // Preparing a new object for new Animation Data
  const newIxData = { ...cloneDeep(store.getState().ixData) };

  // Finding the animation we want to change based on the name that is
  // set in the Webflow Designer -> Animations Tab
  const animationToChange = findAnimation('home-hero-scroll', newIxData);

   * - Update any values we might need to update.
   * - You will likely want to inspect your webflow.js file or
   *   Webflow's store.state prop to see which values you can/want to
   *   update.
   * - VAR "continuousActionGroups" relates to the breakpoints you set in
   *   Webflow for your animation. Ex: [0%, 100%] for a
   *   scroll-based animation
   * - VAR "actionItems" relates to each change of style you set for an
   *   animation breakpoint in Webflow. Ex: A change of opacity for a
   *   specific element when you're at 50% scroll of a container

  ].continuousParameterGroups[0].continuousActionGroups[1].actionItems[0].config.xValue = -(window.innerWidth / 3); // Action/Value to update

  // Update the store with the new object

  document.dispatchEvent(new Event('readystatechange'));

I hope this helps anyone that needs this kind of control over Webflow Animations