How to change the Drop Down menu icon?

hello everyone, i am struggling so hard to change the dropdown menu! is there anyone here knows the way to solve this problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @payam_basiri,

It looks like your Read-only link didn’t attach properly, could you please send this through again so we can have a look inside the project?


hi @mww

here is my website: as u can see there in the dropdown menu there is an icon that is pointed down. I want to change it so that it pointed right side

thank you

Hi @payam_basiri,

You can either upload your own right arrow icon and replace the current icon in the dropdown or you could apply a rotation like this to your icon which should turn it right:

Webflow - Novelty Clinic 2022-05-12 at 7.41.56 pm

2D & 3D Transforms > Rotate > Set Z to 270deg

If you apply this on both the dropdown toggle icons, it should look like this:

Hope this helps!

Wow, amazing

thank you very much

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