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How to change text in a page based on UTM

I would like to change the content of a text element based on a link UTM

I am using calendly to schedule meetings for my business. After a successful schedule, I am redirecting to a page in my website. Calendly adds useful parameters about that specific meeting to the UTM of the link (Such as time, date, name)

I want the text in the thank you page to change according to the UTM so that I’ll be able to write more personal thank-you massage.

Any ideas?

Hi @Roee_Cohen - Here’s another forum post that’s pretty similar to what you’re trying to do:

For step 2, instead of editing a link, you’ll probably end up setting the value of a different element (maybe a div block or a span of text in your thank you page).

As part of that thread, John posted the final code that worked for him, so perhaps that could be a good starting point for you.