How to change styling of 'select' element?

The select element is automatically styled with this greyish gradient and I’m not sure how to remove it. Can anyone provide me with a solution?


hi @zachdinge here is one way

Hi, I have got a select element on my form in which the lines are slightly curved and there is this gradient appearing on it. I can’t seem to get rid of the styling. Does anyone know how to?

Thanks, Zach.

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HI @zachdinge I have send you link to article that will describe how things are done 25 days ago. Here is link to your original request just in case you in some way miss it as you didn’t send any feedback to this solution I have posted.

Hi, sorry I didn’t see the previous reply.

I looked at the article and I am a little bit confused. Do i just have to copy and paste all that code into my project and then change accordingly?

Nonetheless, thankyou!