How to change color of a text in same sentence

Hi there I need to change the text to this, Did anyone know how this thing works in webflow?

Screenshot 2022-09-18 122839

hi @Shamnad_U_P use <span></span> tag to wrap words that will have different color.

Hope this will solve your request

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Thanks, Stan, but I can’t do this for a paragraph like this. It is breaking while I click on wrap with span

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@Shamnad_U_P ,

Thank you @memetican and @Stan, I like this community, I am getting too close to what I want. thanks, I am a beginner in webflow and I don’t know how to code, even though I designed the overall website like this, Have a look at the bottom section of the home page, where the things are not working.

Here is the ready only link

This is what I designed in Figma :smile:

Hi @Shamnad_U_P here is short video how to fix your issue and create desired design.


Thank you @Stan, This is awesome. The problem solved successfully :heart_eyes: