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How to avoid changing the slide with scroll down or up in mobile slider

Hello community

I need your valuable help.

I have two sliders in a project I’m doing and I have two issues I haven’t managed to solve yet.

The first one is that when I scroll down or up with my finger in the mobile version the swipe is activated and the slider is changed to the next one, I just want you to change the slide with the swiping left/right.

The second problem is that when I reach the last slide and I swipe to the end the slider moves to the first slide automatically, this change of slide does not look good, I would like to stay in the last slide and the user back manually.

Thank you very much to anyone who can give me a hand.

There are a few settings within the Slider element options that should help out here—infinite repeat slides and disable swipe gestures. Just match the settings as shown below and it should fix your issues:


Hi @mikeyevin

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

I have already validated with those options and none of them are useful to correct the two issues.

With regard to the swipe the problem is that it works both horizontally and vertically, in this case I only require that it works horizontally so that when you scroll down or up the page does not change the slide. In the native options there is only the option to turn on or off completely swipe, which does not serve me because it would stop the horizontal.

And the second issue is to avoid restarting the slider when you reach the last or first slide.

Thanks again for your help, we continue looking for the solution …

Hi Oswaldo, I have exactly the same issue. The slider somehow is too sensitive and is a bit disturbing. If you have a solution please let me know.

Thank you,


Hello @Oswaldo have u found the solution for issue, Coz i am facing the Same Issue. When I scroll up or down little fast then it is swiping up. Please if you have found solution till now please tell.
thanks in advance

I have the same issue as well. anybody can help to solve this problem?