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How to Auto fit images in Grid without making changing the height and the weight of all the grid?

Dont really have a link to share. I’m just learning how to go around webflow.

In all the videos, Grid Auto size, the image automatically fits/compresses itself without changing the width and the height of the grid. How?

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hi @Vrajang_Shroff your question is not related to Webflow but about how CSS Grid works. May be someone will have time to give you lessons how CSS Grid works but on internet is large amount of articles and video-tutorials.

I will suggest that with help of browser you will find some tutorial about this topic to get understanding ho CSS Grid work. All these tutorials will be in code so it may be a bit challenging if you never coded before but it is nothing hard to understand. :wink:

here is one link with examples made by Rachel Andrew (CSS Grid Guru)

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Hi @Stan thank you for the link. Made things easy for me to understand. :slight_smile:

Unrelated topic, is it possible to make a background video parallax on Webflow?

Much thanks!

hi @Vrajang_Shroff as you have mentioned your additional question is not related to original topic. Please follow basic forum rules and stay with topic to let other members find solutions easier when searching by topic.

You can do identical thing and search forum to find solutions before creating a new request.

If your original question was answered in way you are satisfied, feel free to close your question by checking any response as solution .