How to arrange divblock dynamically

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I am practicing arranging div block in my own way on webflow university which is pretty amazing site, I do want to try interesting arrangement with div-block like the screenshot below, should I use grid or quickstack to make them work them alike?

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Hi Riha, that’s known as a masonry layout.

You can find a lot of references in the forum if you search for that.
Here are some of my fav approaches;

Hi, Michael!

Thanks for your solution!

oh, Micheal!
One more question to you!

To create the layout on Webflow, Should I write custom code ?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, you won’t need to do any programming, however if you want to use the Macy lib ( my current fav ), you’ll need to paste the config script into your the custom code section of your page.

All the details are in the notes page I sent.

oh I mean, to create masonry layout, do I need to paste config script into my custom code?

That depends on which approach you use. Both are detailed in that article.
Read through, it has several approaches.

I am crystal clear! Thank you so much all your help :slight_smile: