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How to add two interactions on one slide?

I’m trying to have two interactions on each slide; both items will have interactions and will be different but when I set these interactions up they do not work properly.

Hi, Liz.

You almost did everything right. Each element on the slider has to have its own interaction with SLIDER trigger. And most important: you need a waiting step on each element when it is “Slide into View” animation:

Waiting time should be at least half of slider duration time (NOT Timer delay!!!)


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@sabanna ah I got it!!! okay so now how do I make the second interaction to delay a little longer than the first interaction?

Hmm I think I got it, does it look right to you? :grin:

Okay so it’s not exactly what I want… I want the second interaction to be delayed and start after the first interactions complete… how can I do this?

Also how can I make a delayed time between the first slides interactions and the second slides interactions?

Yes, you are going in right direction :slight_smile:

You mean 2nd slide? or second object on the same slide?

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