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How to add Search Bar

Hello, I am a designer making a website for a non-profit. I am trying to figure out how to get a search bar on the website, I know people use swifttype, but I dont know exactly how to use it. And it sounds expensive, does anyone know a cheaper (hopefully free) way to add a search bar to a site here in webflow?

Search isn’t a feature that is currently offered with Webflow so resorting to a third party indexing solution is really your only option. I’ve been meaning to play around with some js libraries like fuse.js to see if I could integrate a manual search, but who has time.

I would use Google’s Custom Search Engine. It’s free if you don’t mind their branding and ads, and only $100 a year if you want to remove them, which comes out to like $8 a month. Still expensive when you consider most Webflow competitors have been doing search for free, for years.

Hopefully it doesn’t make its debut as an addon…

here is another alternative:

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Now you can add a search bar natively with our Site Search feature. check out the feature page to learn more.