How to add Paper.js to Webflow

Hi! I want to add this mouse effect (Paper.js – CHAIN) to my site but I don’t know what part of code I have to take and put to Webflow. Help me, please.

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Hi @Sabina_Bystrevskaya, welcome.

I created a demo project you can look at that shows an example of how to do this.

Here is the published demo ->

Here is the read-only project.


Thank you so much!!!

Hey Jeff, run into weird issue with paperjs here. It looks like that after activating library and creating canvas with embed the interactions in Webflow simply stop working. Crazy but that’s how it is. Do you have any idea why would that happen at all?

Sorry Alex, I don’t offhand. I would need to spin up a test and check. Will ping you if isolated.

Sure, no pressure. It’s just I was really surprised to see a library make entire WF IX system fail.

A missing tag in the demo was causing an issue. It was addressed in the demo. Reminding myself to always double check after copy paste operations.

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Greate demo :grinning: