How to add option "Add to favourites"?

I’m implementing a website that presents some information about hotels.
There is no option to reserve or book a room or anything like that.
This is only informational.
I want to give customers option to make a list of favourite hotels.
For example - I’m on the hotel x page and I want to click “add to favourite list” or “add to wish list”.
I’m on the hotel Y page and I click again “add to wishlist”.
At the end I can review my favourite list.
That’s all.

How to do this on webflow?

I need a similar function, and I also don’t understand how to do it

With Webflow if you determine a feature does not exist your choices are:

  • Check for third party integrations that do what you need
  • Custom code a solution with JavaScript
  • Choose another platform for your project

Hi @webdev
please guide me about it… how can i add favorite button on my blog?? i am not a developer can you please make a code for me ?

Checkout Jetboost’s tool for this. There’s no code needed.

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We did it on a customer site we are working at.
Look at this works: Adding to favourites - YouTube
It wasn’t a simply task but we can do it as a paid work for you, if you need.

Look at this works: Adding to favourites - YouTube
We did it on a customer site we are working at.

I was also looking for the same similar functions. But i am very confused how can i do it.? Any recommendations please?

You have to code it manually using JavaScript.
If you want we can do it a service for you.
You can see how it works on

Hi, Thanks for asking I am facing the same issue but could you please recommend the best version of your solution? other wise I have to post it again. waiting for your response. thanks

the best version of your solution??
I coded it manually using Javascript.
There is no “out of the box” and “ready to use” solution.
Someone have to code it by Javascript.

If you want - we can do custom function for your website.
Firstly, we can price it out and then you can decide.

Let me now if you want to try.

Go back ^ and look at the post by [joejola]. Jetboost has the functionality.

It’s not a good solution. For me.

  1. you have to pay it all the time. It’s subscription, not one-time payment.
  2. you can’t customize as you need. You will get how jetboost created it.
  3. I’m not sure if you can add “add to wishlist” option into any place you want. Alle the time you will be limited to customizing this solution. This is not your code, and you can’t customize it.

Hi, Thank you for your response. I was trying to find these types of solution but was unable to do the same. But found one diamond thing and that is the best solution i have found ever your comment.