How to add javascript code[matter.js] in to div in webflow

now I create gravity interactions by matter.js but I am code in vscode
and in webflow I have one div name “gravity-wrapper” I want to add matter.js in div name “gravity-wrapper”
I’m don’t know how to do.
thank you.

Hi @Torsakyp , Welcome to the forum,

The information you gave is too little and the task you try to achieve requires some knowledge in HTML and JavaScript.

If you’ll provide all the information, links to the live website and read-only, we might be able to help.

this link is demo form
it have three section
first is banner , second is section I want to add matter.js in to section , and third is information section
I’m not sure how to send about code of matter.js to you
I’ll capture part of matter.js code. i hope it enough but you want more information tell me anytime
thank you.

Unfortunately that’s not enough information.
It is hard to understand what you are trying to do…

Generally to add custom code:

  1. Add the code to the page settings => custom code section ‘Before ’
  2. Add relevant ID (or other selector) in your project that the code uses to target HTML elements

i have a reference website

now I have empty section 2 in
and I have gravity interactions by matter.js in vscode
I want to add gravity interactions by matter.js into a section2 like reference website
i hope you will understand me🥺
thank you.