How to Add Background Music to Video

How the heck do people make videos with background music…Any apps I should know about? Also I’m using Windows 10.

Sound Filmora Video Editor is quite popular but I am quite of a newbie in this video editing thing. Any suggestion?

Any basic video editor will work for you since most if not all have options for video and audio tracks. However when it comes to videos for sites, it would just be a matter of where you plan to upload it.

What I mean by that is, you can upload nearly every video file format to YouTube, but it is limited to MP4 and WEBM when it comes to Webflow background videos. Every video editor should have an MP4 export setting, however for my video editor platform of choice, I had to download an extension when it came to WEBM.

I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro which is more high-end and maybe a bit more than what you are asking, however being that it was useful in my previous video editing business, it suits my needs at least.


If you are interested, send me the video and audio files and I can do it for you.

NOTE: Make sure the audio files you use are clean, meaning professional recordings. There’s nothing worse than a well produced video with crappy audio tracks with background noise, hisses, pops, etc.

What is the audio you plan to use… is it a simple music track you purchased or is it something you or your client(s) recorded?

Let me know and I’ll give you my contact info and we can work out the details. I am a professional engineer and will provide you professional quality results.



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