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How should we organize this Forum for our non-English speaking friends?

I was thinking of some options like…:

  • Create another forum category
  • or just post a thread in your native language, but start the Topic title with the name of your language. For example: “[Tagalog] Paano mo magdagdag ng isang video background?”

any one have any other ideas?


I like the idea of having a section or category for my language. And if I can’t get answer the main forum or support. Or maybe sorted by timezones. The webflow support awake when I’m awake could concentrate on those questions first.

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So create a new forum category for each language? Wouldn’t that be too much?

Yeah, little to much :joy:
Just spawning ideas.

An other forum solved this by adding flags to the title:

To add a flag one uses emojis: :de:

It looks nice but those flags do not seem to be searchable so I guess tags or a mix of both would be better.

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