How is it possible for Webflow to create its own website in Webflow?

That may seem obvious, but I’ve always wondered how Webflow, Wix, or other platforms claim to have built their websites within their own platform.

Are there any explanations? :smiley:


Webflow’s site, I’d 100% believe was built 100% in Webflow.
But I’d also guess that it is not hosted on Webflow’s standard site-hosting solution.

And that’s normal. If you’re building an advanced site that needs special URLs, programming, or advanced capabilities, you can design the UI 100% in Webflow and the host the site with your custom programming on whatever server you choose.

Everything I’ve seen on the site is possible to design in the Webflow environment, but if you look at the /sitemap.xml, you can see some URLs that are too deep to fit Webflow’s standard site hosting setup naturally. Even if they stacked multiple directories manually, or used a reverse-proxy setup, they’d hit the 100 static-page limit, and their Enterprise plan indicates the 100 page constraint applies even at that maximum level.


Built 100% in Webflow, probably yes.
Hosted 100% on Webflow’s standard site hosting, probably no.

Interesting. Thanks for that! :ok_hand: