How I can solve 406 Not Acceptable webflow issue

Hi, webflow community I am trying to open webflow but it is not opening and it is showing a “406 not acceptable” message. Can anybody let me know how We can solve this issue? (error attach:!)

Did you figure out how to solve this issue?

I am also having the same issue!!! This is very annoying… :frowning:

I have the same problem since today. Only when I’m connected to my VPN though. The Designer, all my hosted websites, nothing works. Before everything worked with a VPN.

I’ve also just come across this. No idea how to fix this one!

Same problem here. Couldn’t resolve this issue.

Edit: I have solved the issue by restarting our Router.
We identified that it was only showing 406 from our building’s IP address.

Hope it helps you guys as well.

The same issue now. Restarting the router didn´t help.

EDIT: with VPN it works for the moment

I tried restarting my router and it still didn’t work but clearing my cache and third party cookies seemed to resolve it for me., Dashboard, and Designer may be inaccessible

Webflow Status -, Dashboard, and Designer may be inaccessible

I also have the same problem and I can only access the site with vpn. Does Webflow have a problem with Iran’s IP?

Hi, I have the same problem. I can not enter to my live site, but in the preview of the designer work just fine. Please… if someone has a solution…