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How draw a responsive X within a Divblock

Hi community! Thanks a lot for all the shared knowledge.

I have both a question and (perhaps) a challenge for many. Is there any way to draw a responsive X (cross) within a Divblock? The idea is to get an appearance similar to the basic boxes we draw on paper during the wire framing of an idea (attached picture below), but responsive (not a static jpeg)!
Perhaps using some SVG?

I’ll try experimenting on my own, but if someone has a ready-made solution, more than welcome!

Thanks a lot!

Hello @ignaciodavola

Something like this?

@aaronocampo, yes indeed! Is it made with an svg or is it just an image that scales without any ratio constraints?

If possible let me know how you did that! =) Thanks a lot for the help!

Yes made with custom code.

This can be another option, I never thought of it :+1:

Here’s the link of the project:

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Have an amazing day!

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Hi again! @aaronocampo, sorry to bother you again, but any chance to have a hint of how to change the stroke of the SVG to a dash line when the Divblock is hovered?

I’m leaching here, sorry for that, I’m just starting with Webflow and coding is way beyond my understanding… for now =)

Let’s keep on learning!