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How does the background achieve this effect?

Hi guys,

I stumbled on this website and really want to know if this is achievable in Webflow with a bit of code I assume.

website is


@NS16 - It is easier for forum members to get a description here with visuals. Asking us to go to a remote site to SEE what you are talking about might be high on expectations. I only visit sites on locked down virtual machines for example, which I don’t have access to at the moment. You get my point.

Hello @NS16,

That is a cool website. I think they use WebGL. You can find examples on how to use that kind of effect on this link So to answer your question, You can add custom code into webflow and achieve a similar effect. I hope this helps.

Thanks @Pablo_Cortes , your help is really appreciated!

will check it out!

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That’s a first - I’ve never had a website make me feel seasick before! :nauseated_face:

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