How do you style all links in the footer?

I am stuck trying to figure out how to apply the CSS designer to write the CSS I want here.

In the site footer I would like to apply the simple CSS that would style the footer A tag text color similar to this:
#footer a { color: blue }
#footer a:hover { color: red }

I can’t figure out how to use the editor to write this code. Any tips here?

The designer can’t create CSS combinators and that really sucks. Webflow implements CSS with training wheels, so support is easier for them. If you want to use combinators then use a code block or custom code in your projects head. You can also link to a remote stylesheet.

I had to manually apply a style to each link in the footer, as I couldn’t figure out another way and I have to show the site off in two days.

Also having trouble editing links in the header, I want to adjust the padding in the navlink element and it will only adjust one at a time. Odd as well since they all appear to have the same class applied to them.

Shocked at how many issues I am facing just doing basic CSS editing. I may end up hand coding fixes, so I do appreciate that tip. Just… would really prefer to control design through the editor. We are mocking up a site and changing settings often.

Hopeful future releases address this.