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How do you design in less time?

Greetings Webflow-ers!

Have you thought about this: how do I design my next project in less time?

I have had an issue with positioning elements exactly where I wanted in a given size and that caused me more time in getting everything else in place

I use direct design method. A written plan is not necessary for me, I give precedence to creativity and it is not time saver by definition!

What is your best practice for designing in less time



Hi Ali,

Try using a container to wrap everything if you need to save time. In that way, responsiveness is almost always very close to what you want.

Also, if you can, use reusable elements. Thus, make a class “button” and style it, use sub-classes to style “button” with class “btn-red”. So you only have to change the color, instead of doing everything again.

It’s a trade-off with Webflow that you cannot nest styles easily, thus, this is the best solution so far.

Plus, if you want to put things on precize places, make sure to ALWAYS use pixels, and not percentages, VH or VW for positioning.

Does this help?

Hey @Ali

I always start with a vision by researching similar sites and bookmarking as many inspirational designers as i can. I have a list of people like @joaopaulots bookmarked. His work is really inspiring so I’m always looking at what he’s up to for ideas :smiley:

If the projects budget has not allowed for some time to wireframe pages, then something that saves me a lot of time is taking a pen and pad. Before designing anything I gather all my content together and sketch out on a piece of paper where elements should be placed. It doesnt have to take more than 5-10mins but will greatly help in the long run. This is before even opening Webflow and thinking creatively. Its good to have a blueprint to follow.

The next step I take is to give myself a set time to create all the elements. This includes all major elements for a single page (header, sidebar, footer, buttons, imagery positioning etc). The time constraint forces me to get all of my major elements positioned on the page. Sometimes we get distracted by one element and end up spending so long concentrating on something that is a minor detail.

I would then start refining the page, adding my vision for colours, buttons, spacing etc. Everyone is different but refractoring the page at this point helps me to understand the goals of the page again from new perspectives. Now I can freely think creatively with multiple tabs open for reference and inspiration.

Hope this helps! Just my 2 cents!

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