How do you change the color of text content within a link block

Within Webflow… how do you change the color of text content (child element) within a link block when the user moves their mouse over the linkblock (parent element).


  • row
    – column 1
    ---- text content
    – column 2
    ---- text content

I need:
onHover.linkblock background-color:#414141, text-color: #fff

I can do this with via a Webflow Interaction, or with JQuery.

The information / links / text I’m displaying is dynamically generated… and I’m not using the CMS…

  • so using a Webflow Interaction is out of the question
    ---- since the interaction must to bound to an element at design time
    ---- and I must do dynamic binding at run-time…
  • even though I can do this with JQuery…
    ---- I’m trying to keep as much as I can within Webflow.

I’m thinking I cannot do this in straight / plain vanilla Webflow ?

Yes you can, I just texted it.

Place a link block, then a column component, then a text one of the columns.

On the link block, define the text color and the hover text color. and it work.

Be sure NOT TO define text or hover text color on the row or column or text element themselves and the inheritance will play.

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