How do we change Playback speed of BG video to 0.5x

  1. 24 FPS BG Video is on Section. This works on rendered preview.
  2. BG video is too fast. I want to adjust speed to 0.5x speed with 12fps playback.
    I do not see any controls to adjuts BG Video speed on webflow deisgner

Desired function:

  1. Make 100% FPS video and test
  2. Just 50% 75% 66% playback speeds and test
  3. Pick a speed that works and launch.

Yeah, don’t make those adjustment in Webflow. It’s best to deal with these settings in the Video Editor they were created in, or load them into any editor, then adjust this. Try to use the editor it was created in so you don’t incur degradation loss.

Thanks for the response.

I hope webflow introduces a feature to inject playback speed code naively within designer without manual coding.