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How do I stop a page load animation when a mouse click animation is triggered?

Hey Guys

So I am creating a testimonial page with three testimonials linked to three different people. A lottie animation showcasing the progress of each testimonial plays on page load.
Now When I click on a particular person, I want the page load animation to stop and a mouse click animation to trigger basically doing the same thing as the page load animation but on that particular element. I then want the page load animation to continue.

Currently I have the page load animation sorted and playing in a loop. But once I trigger the mouse click animation on a particular element (person), it works but the page load animation still keeps playing in the background and overlaps with the mouse click animation.

How do I solve this?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - WingMan

Just let the progress bar play out once and then click on the first person’s testimonial and you’ll get what I mean.