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How do i make this effect?

Hi Friends, please can anyone show me how to make this effect?

I am trying to recreate this theme:

Check the Portfolio section and the tabs. When you move to the next tab, you will see pictures moving into different positions on the next tab. What causes that and how can i achieve that effect? And in another question, are those images in a lightbox?

I’ll appreciate your wonderful findings.

cc: cheersdave, vincent, barteknustra, PixelGeek

Hello @brilliantlights!

Let me try to answer your questions :smiley:

Such effect with filtering it is jQuery plugin, like isotope ( or mixitup ( You can use it with Webflow, but it will require some custom code.

And yes, those pictures get opening in lightboxes, they just styled like a main page.

Hope it helps.


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great. Thanks dear. I’ll try it out and give you feedback

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