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How do I link my pages navigation menu

I am new in Webflow. I have done a menu.
But I can’t figure out how do I link the pages navigation menu?
Thank you!

Is it a link or drop down? If its a link go to the settings menu, second tab on the right side an choose how ro link.

If it’s a drop down do the same but push open menu

I have done 9 menu. I can only see 3 of them in settings. It is “home” and the 2 others is 2 collections I have done. So 6 menu are missing in settings?

I asume the 6 you can’t se are drop downs?

No! I have done 9 menu on the top, and have no dropdown yet. It will come later

Can you add a share link

This is correct If you only have 3 pages that is what you can choose.
Pls explain your problem a bit deeper.

I have done that! As you see from the menu in the share link, it is 9 menu: Home, News, Faroe Islands, Icelands, Tours… and so on…

I am new and ask for help

Give me 5 looking at your project

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@neanea6060 ok took a quick look at the project. Lets take one example from the menu “Iceland”
What exactly would you like should happend in the menu?

OK. I see. I have first to do a new page?

@neanea6060 that is correct. you need a page to link to

@neanea6060 PS. I have been working in the turism industry fro aboy 35 years…

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yes , but what happens to me was that, that I created a new page called “News” but it says this:

That confused me!! I have not done a page called “news” before. So why can’t I do that. Just now I created a new page Icelands, - and that worked. But not “news”

I don’t have a clue what happend with tha page called “News” will try to add a page in me test envisonment to se what happends

It is only “news” which don’t works

I did try in one of my project and it works fine with a page called News. Will take a new look to your project

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@neanea6060 Ok i found out what happend. If you go to your page Tours, open the setting you will se that the slug on that page is news. That why it did not work. You can rename the slug to Tours without any problem

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Aha!!! Thanks a lot! As I told you , - I am new with Webflow!! Thanks a lot !!