How do I get margins like Help Scout?

Hello everyone,

Typically when building websites I use VW and containers to keep nice margins along the left and right sides of the website. This leads, of course, to the content stacking to maintain those side margins as the browser window narrows.

What I would really love to learn is how to first shrink margins on the sides before the content begins stacking in the same way Help Scout’s ( website does. I’m okay with some shrinking, but is there anyway to achieve this using the Webflow interface?

Thank you.

Here’s a read-only link to my site, though I’m hoping to use this knowledge on a client site I’m just starting:

hi @Dandersen did you inspect their website to see how they have some things done?

they do not use mains but position. Anyway you can use CSS calc() function for example as they do.

What a tremendously intuitive solution to finding out how it’s done. Thank you so much, @Stan

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