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How do I find my Collection ID?

I’m using @samliew’s awesome exporter here:

But I’m having trouble figuring out what my Collection ID’s are, it doesn’t really say and it says that I need alphanumeric ones? Some of my ID’s seem to have hyphens, such as “related-publications”

GET /sites/:site_id/collections

Will return all collections with their IDs I believe.

Hi @vincent, where do I type GET /sites/:site_id/collections – is it in a javascript file? I don’t understand the overall structure, and I’m struggling a basic template to learn from.

I honestly have no clue, I googled it and I hoped you wouldn’t answer back :smiley: I’m not sure I’d pass a Turing test.

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You’ll have to run this URL to get a list of all sites’ IDs that you can retrieve with your API key


Then you’ll have to run this to get a list of all collections’ IDs in the site


Then you’ll receive a response like this. An ID is similar to the ones in the yellow highlighted box:


Here’s the full reference

And how to work with an API

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Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! :pray:

Hey @samliew, I’m not sure if the Webflow API is down, but when I type into the URL bar:

I get this error. It doesn’t seem quite right, and obviously, nothing else is working either. Even when I type:[my-access-token]

I also get errors. Am I missing something, or does it seem the API is down?

Aha! So this is how to set the version:[my-collection-id]

It works!


You’re welcome!