How do I cutover to the new plans

I’m currently on the Pro plan. I’d like to move to one of the workspace-based plans but I’m yet to see an option to move over in my dashboard. Is there any way to cut over immediately? Do I just wait until Webflow provides an option in my dashboard?

You have to wait util they migrate you.

Thanks @webdev … I hope it happens soon.
And what if I start I new account, how much of an issue is it transfer my old stuff over to the workspace-based account?

Transfers don’t migrate 100%.

For security and privacy reasons, account- and client-specific configurations are reset to default and therefore not transferred with your project.

These include:

  • Custom domain and hosting subscriptions
  • Collaborators
  • Form notification information
  • reCAPTCHA keys (they’re reset on transfer, but reCAPTCHA remains enabled)
  • Adobe fonts (if integrated into your account)
  • Billing and any other account- or email- specific information

Adobe fonts are only included when the Adobe Fonts API key is integrated into the project and not the account. Learn more about integrating Adobe Fonts into a project.

Oh well… it’s a bit of an inconvenience