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How do I customize columns on mobile views?

I want to customize my columns on my mobile landscape and portrait sites, but it does not seem to be possible currently. Is there any way around this? I want to create custom columns to facilitate my site concepts, including a fixed music player on the bottom and fixed navigation on top.

You can change how columns behave on all devices in the column’s setting’s panel. Is this what you’re looking for?

on my mobile landscape view, I want three columns with varying widths… is that possible? Where are all the options for the tablet and mobile views that exist for the desktop views? That’s the part that I’m confused about.

Thank you for your help.

in other words, where is the “customize” option for the tablet and mobile column tools?

We don’t have this custom option for mobile devices yet. But we will revamp columns functionality in the future to give much more control.

I’m trying to accomplish a windows metro/ tumblr theme concept similar to what this artist is doing:

I’m assuming that this is more than just columns.

You can create this kind of tetris / pinterest layout using blocks as I described in another topic.

You would just have to play around with creating different class combinations that have varying % widths that add up to 100%.

yeah, starting to comprehend the idea… working better as well… will have many more Q’s coming your way soon, but for now… thanks Sergie :slight_smile: