How do I create the images transition effects as seen on

Hi everyone)

Does anyone know how to create transition effect like this:
(Image transitions in hero section)

Thx in advance for your responses!)

Hi @aleksei

Welcome to the Webflow Community, you’re going to love it here I’m sure.

You’re in luck! @PixelGeek did a webinar about this very page not so long ago :smiley:

You can watch the replay here

Have fun!

Omg!) thanks a lot markos!)
That’s my first question here and it didn’t take long to get an answer)

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It’s a great place for help.

You can always search the forum first too, just type in “magicleap” and you’ll find the link to that page too, there’s a lot that’s been talked about over the years!

For future reference, if you get stuck, use your Read Only Share Link so we can see your site in it’s current state and offer help. The changes made with this link aren’t saved.

Reach out if you need anything! :ok_hand: