How do I center an image?

I add a heading to a new page and then an image under that. But that image doesn’t center. How do I do that? I try this with the pages / links you see in every block

So, if I understand you correctly you want to center the icon in each of the boxes? I had a look at your site and I’d simply change the flex setting of each box to vertical… you’d of course still have to fix the text underneath by removing the negative right margin, so it doesn’t flow outside of the box! Let me know if this has helped!

No, i mean this: have a look to the page when you click on the link in the box. On the next page there’s an image that i would like to center. Thanx!

Sorry, I must have misunderstood you there. Anyway, I had another look at your site… if you select the div your image is located in, you’ll see that you’ve got a negative margin of 128px attached to it. If you remove it, your image will center inside the div! Let me know if this worked for you!

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The thing is, i did that because it wasn’t centered :wink: That way it came close :wink: I set everything to 0 now and i don’t see it centered. Is there something else I do wrong?

Hmm, for me, removing the negative margin works perfectly well. Don’t really think you’d have to do anything else other than this…

Hey Erwin,

Here a short video of centering your image.

Gr Argogiant

Ah, I was looking at the positioning of the image, not of its container, found it. Thanks!

Ah, I was looking wrong. Found it now!

Fantastic! All fixed now?